Fine Arts | Art & Architecture of the Cistercians (Problems in Early Gothic Art)
A624 | 26707 | Reilly

The Cistercian monastic order, founded in 1098 as a reaction to the
perceived excesses of the mainline European Benedictine orders, is
renowned for its art and architecture.  Within a hundred years of
the foundation of Cîteaux, Cistercians produced a wealth of
manuscripts and monasteries throughout Europe.  While some of these
incorporate recognizably “Cistercian” characteristics of simplicity
and the pursuit of inner spirituality, others stymie scholars with
their lavishness, and their similarity to nearby Benedictine
artworks.  We will explore the art and architecture of the
Cistercians throughout Medieval Europe in the context of the goals
expressed by the order and its perplexing history.