Fine Arts | Diego Velazquez (Problems in 17th Century Art Outside Italy)
A639 | 26708 | Knox

This seminar will treat in some detail the life and career of
Diego Velázquez, the most important painter of seventeenth-century
Spain and one of the heroes of the Spanish national tradition.  As a
painter who worked almost his entire career in the service of King
Philip IV of Spain, it is sometimes difficult for modern viewers to
sympathize with his deep social conformism.  His paintings, however,
are an entirely different matter, numbering amongst them some of the
most enigmatic and unusual works in all of Baroque art.  Seminar
sessions will introduce students to the cultural and artistic milieu
in which Velázquez worked, and to the trajectory of his career.   A
number of sessions will be devoted to grappling with the fascinating
literature that has emerged around The Spinners and Las Meninas.