Fine Arts | Art & Cultural Identity (Problems in Late 19th- & Early 20th-Century European Art)
A645 | 26709 | Facos

Identity  cultural, ethnic, national, and regional -- has
become a hot topic in art history. This seminar will examine
theories of identity formation and nationalism and how they relate
to art. The semester will be divided into roughly four sections: 1)
A discussion of key theoretical texts by Renan, Gellner, Kedourie,
Breuilly, Kohn, Bhabha, among others, which will be read by the
entire seminar. 2) Reports on, and discussions of additional key
texts (Mosse, Greenfield). Each student will be assigned to a group,
which will read and lead discussion on one of these texts. 3)
Discussion and analysis of historical moments when art has been used
to express or create a national or regional identity, 4) Individual
Research reports. The theoretical readings are intentionally broad
with the intention of providing relevant background knowledge for
whatever topic students chose to work on. There are no temporal or
geographical boundaries. Research reports will be 15-25 pages long,
and will be presented in a condensed version of 20 minutes
(approximately 8 double-spaced pages), tailored in the style of a
professional conference paper.