Folklore | Body Art
F253 | 26674 | Shukla

Meets with F540.  A comprehensive survey course looking at different
types of bodily arts from around the world, including but not limited
scarification, tattooing, henna and body paint, jewelry wearing and
piercing of both men and women. A major topic is, of course, dress,
study of clothing from different parts of the world. Body
adornment will be used to analyze both group and individual
identities, as a means by which to both conform to societal standards
as well as to manipulate these same norms to distinguish oneself as
an individual. The course is concerned not only with the individual
adorned, but also with the beholders and the larger frameworks of
family, religion and society as they apply to the judgments and
assessments of the decorated body. Finally the class looks critically
not only at body arts in traditional societies around the world but
also in the United States, paying special attention to how the actual
forms, meanings, reactions and motivations have diminished or
enhanced in the translation and appropriation of various types of
body decorations.