Folklore | Chinese Film & Music
F305 | 26696 | Tuohy

Cross-listed in the Department of East Asian Languages and Culture.
Course Description and Objectives:  The course introduces Chinese
film, music, and the film industry.  We will view and analyze a range
of “Chinese” films produced in and about China, from the early 1900s
to today. In particular, we will look at features films and those
that focus on Chinese music, musicians, and actors (including films
about famous female performers and heroines, opera stars, and martial
arts masters).  Two primary course objectives are: 1) to learn
methods for "reading" film music; and 2) to learn to read Chinese
films and listen to their soundtracks in relation to their
representations of Chinese culture.  We will explore theories,
particularly those from the field of ethnomusicology, and experiment
with methods for the analysis of film music.  The films will be
contextualized within the social-historical conditions of their
production as well the conditions which they portray.