Folklore | Salsa Ensemble
F356 | 26698 | Jaquez

Salsa music has often been misunderstood to include any number of
Latin American music forms. This course introduces students to key
historical figures in the development of salsa as an Afro-Cuban and
Afro-Puerto Rican music in the African Diaspora through lectures,
course readings and multi-media resources. Issues of ethnic identity,
community and socio-cultural dynamics form important aspects in how
salsa developed and why it continues to play an important role in
contemporary society.

3 quizzes (20% each)                          60%
Class participation                              20%
Final project presentation                   20%


Faces of Salsa: A Spoken History of the Music by Leonardo Padura,
Smithsonian Books, 2003. ISBN: 1588340805

Listening to Salsa: Gender, Latin Popular Music, and Puerto Rican
Cultures, by Frances Aparicio, University Press of New England, 1998.
ISBN: 0819563080

Situating Salsa: Global Markets and Local Meanings in Latin Popular
Music, edited by Lise Waxer, Routledge, 2002. ISBN: 0815340206

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T, Th,  5:45PM-7PM
Max enrollment 25
Undergraduate level only

Minimal AV requirements for each class

Internet access
PC computer with LCD screen projection and good quality sound
CD player
DVD player with large screen projection
VHS player