French and Italian | Studies in French Civilization
F126 | 25782 | Panaïté, Oana

Topic: Reconstruction and Revolution. France in the Postwar Era

A general introduction to the significant changes in French society
and culture following the experience of the Nazi Occupation, the
reconstruction of the country, and the developments both civil and
international in politics and culture. Special emphasis will be
placed on the loss of France’s ambitions as a colonial power (the
wars in Indochina and Algeria) coupled with the rise of new social
(May 68) and cultural movements (Existentialism, Feminism, the New
Wave). Materials include readings from De Gaulle, Sartre, Simone de
Beauvoir, and movies such as The Battle of Algiers by Gillo
Pontecorvo. Textbook: Stovall, Tyler. France Since the Second
World War. Pearson. Paperback. 2002. Taught in English. Final
grades are based on active participation in class: 30%; mid-term
essay: 40%; individual oral presentation: 30%.