French and Italian | Reading and Expression in French
F300 | 16898 | Oana Panaïté

Topic: Mythe et littérature

An introduction to various genres of French literature, from the
Middle Ages to present day, focusing on works inspired by ancient
and modern myths such as Oedipus, Ulysses, Orpheus and Eurydice,
Prometheus, Eros, Medusa, Lilith, and Don Juan. The reading list
includes poems by Du Bellay, Louise Labbé, Hugo, Vigny, Nerval,
Baudelaire, Lautréamont, Breton, Argon, René Char, Saint-John Perse
(texts provided on the course website); a play by Molière ("Dom
Juan"), a novella by Mérimée ("Carmen") and a novel by Pascal
Quignard ("Tous les matins du monde"). Musical and cinematic
adaptations of "Dom Juan", "Carmen" and "Tous les matins du monde"
will be used to study the texts. Final grade is based on: presence
and active participation in class (15%), oral presentation (20%),
two 4-page papers (20% each), mid-term examination (25%). Taught in
French. Prerequisite is F250; fulfills A & H requirement.