French and Italian | Reading and Expression in French
F300 | 16899 | MacPhail, Eric

This course introduces the student to the representative genres of
French literature, including poetry, theater, short stories, and the
novel. We will begin by reviewing the rules of French versification
before we study a selection of lyric poems from the Middle Ages to
the 20th century. Students will do a class presentation and write a
3-page paper on a poem of their choice from the poetry reader. Then
we will read Molière’s comedy le Bourgeois Gentilhomme and
take a test on the play. Next we read some short stories by the
Enlightenment philosopher Denis Diderot, and students will write
another short paper on a topic derived from our discussion of
Diderot’s stories. For this assignment and the poetry paper,
students will rewrite their essays based on the professor’s comments
on the original version. Finally, we will read the novel
Colomba by the 19th-century author Prosper Mérimée, which
will be the subject of our final exam. Our main work is to read the
texts and talk about them in class. The grade will be based on the
written work and the participation in class discussion. Prerequisite
is F250: fulfills A & H requirement.