French and Italian | Roman et poésie
F306 | 16901 | Panaïté, Oana

Fin de siècle: Then and Now

The course will focus on literary works written at the end of the
19th and 20th century which display forms (hybrid genres) and themes
(eroticism, the supernatural, the power of images) commonly
associated with historic and artistic decadence. The reading list
includes poems by Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Gautier, Verlaine, Mallarmé,
Liliane Giraudon, Jacqueline Risset (texts provided by the
instructor), and two volumes of prose: Les Diaboliques by
Jules Barbey d’Aurevilly and Les Grandes Blondes by Jean
Echenoz. Taught in French. Final grades are based on active
participation in class: 25%; mid-term examination: 20%; individual
oral presentation: 25%; one 8-page essay: 30%. Prerequisite is FRIT
F 300 or equivalent; fulfills A & H requirement.