French and Italian | Colloquium in French Studies—Literature and Arts
F451 | 16910 | Berkvam, Michael

Topic: Ecrits féminins récents

In this course conducted entirely in French we look at recent
writings by women whose language of expression is French. These
works have all been written during the past fifteen years and show
how these writers treat issues as diverse as women’s writing
(écriture féminine), post-colonial theories, aging, family,
mother-daughter relations, marriage and gender. Among the writers we
will look at are the French women Annie Ernaux, Marie Cardinal;
Assia Djebar born in Algeria; Fatou Diome born in Senegal; Calixte
Beyala born in Cameroon; the Algerian-French Nina Bouraoui; the
Canadian Anne Hébert and the Belgians Jacqueline Harpman and Amélie

Students will write three papers (10-12 pp. each) during the
semester on topics they choose based on their reading and
understanding of these writers. Final grades will be based on these
papers and class discussion participation.

Reading list:

Beyala, Calixte. Amours sauvages. J’ai Lu
Bouraoui, Nina. Garçon manqué. Livre de poche.
Cardinal, Marie. Amour...amours. Livre de poche
Diome, Fatou. Le Ventre de l’Atlantique. Livre de poche.
Djebar, Assia. L’Amour, la fantasia. Livre de poche.
Ernaux, Annie. L’Evénement. Folio.
Ernaux, Annie. Passion simple. Folio.
Harpman, Jacqueline. Orlanda. Livre de poche.
Hébert, Anne. Le Premier jardin. Seuil points.
Nothomb, Amélie. Stupeur et tremblements. Livre de poche.