French and Italian | Practicum in College French Teaching
F572 | 16915 | Sax, Kelly

This one-hour course is required for all new Associate Instructors
in French and is open to all interested students; it addresses
practical issues such as student/instructor relations, classroom
teaching and testing techniques. Students will carry out a series of
focused classroom observations designed to allow them to 1) identify
teaching procedures and techniques used by experienced instructors
and 2) to evaluate the effectiveness of observed techniques. Each
observation will be structured as follows: a) a preview provides the
focus for an upcoming observation; b) students complete a
questionnaire during or following the classroom visit; c) a follow-
up meeting allows students to discuss their findings and explore the
topic in more depth; d) completed questionnaires are submitted to
the instructor for review.

There are no required readings; students must attend all scheduled
class meetings, complete the observations and turn in the
corresponding questionnaires. The course is graded on S/F basis only.