French and Italian | French Lexicology and Lexicography
F677 | 25794 | Rottet, Kevin

This course will deal with major topics in the fields of lexicology
and lexicography, including the following: the identification and
classification of words; semantic relations; problems of synonymy
and polysemy, metonymy and metaphor; the history of lexicography;
etymology, with stress on structural etymology; bilingual
lexicography; gathering data for dictionary compilation; the
dictionary definition; sociolinguistic and language planning issues
in lexical development; purism and normative institutions. Along the
way we will have hands-on experience in the use of computer
technology for various lexicological and lexicographic tasks, such
as the compilation of databases and corpora, the preparation of
concordances, and automatic text analysis. The course will meet two
days a week in conjunction with LING L630. Occasionally F677 will
meet for a third day each week to explore French-specific issues in
greater depth than can be done in L630. Pre-requisites: F580 or
equivalent or permission of the instructor (BH 612; 855-6164;

Basic textbooks:

Sydney Landau, Dictionaries: the Art and Craft of
Lexicography. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 1993.
Mortureux, Marie-Françoise, La lexicologie entre langue et
discours. Paris: Sedes. 1997.
Readings in monographs and articles; consultation of various types
of dictionaries and dialect glossaries.