French and Italian | Hollywood Italians
M391 | 25797 | Bondanella, Peter

Lecture: 1:00 2:15 MW TBA
Film: 7:00 10:00 M TBA

(Joint-offered with CMCL C392; CMLT C310.) Hollywood Italians
examines the long history of Hollywood's treatment of Italian
Americans from the silent era to the present. The course will screen
a number of important films dealing with the dominant Hollywood
images of Italian Americans: "Dagos" (Italian American immigration
and Little Italy) and la famiglia; "Palookas" (Italian-American
boxers); "Romeos" (Italian-American romantic leads); and "Wise Guys"
(Italian-American gangsters). The class will conclude with a brief
look at several key episodes of the important HBO television
series, "The Sopranos".

We shall also read two Italian-American novels as well as an
anthology of Italian-American writing.

Films will be chosen from the following works:

Dagos: The Italian (1915; Reginald Barker, director);
Christ in Concrete (1949; Edward Dmytryk, director); The
Rose Tatoo (1955; Daniel Mann, director); Marty (1955;
Delbert Mann, director); Mean Streets (1973; Martin Scorsese,
director); Do the Right Thing (1989; Spike Lee, director);
A Bronx Tale (1993; Robert De Niro, director);
Moonstruck (1987; Norman Jewison, director).

Palookas: Stallone and De Niro: Rocky (1976; John Avildsen,
director); Raging Bull (1980; Martin Scorsese, director).

Romeos: Valentino and Travolta: Cobra (1925; Joseph Henabery,
director) and Son of the Sheik (1926; George Fitzmaurice,
director); Saturday Night Fever (1977; John Badham, director).

Wise Guys: Little Caesar (1930; Merlyvn LeRoy, director);
Scarface (1932; Howard Hawks, director); The Godfather
(1972; Francis Ford Coppola, director); The Godfather II 
(1974; Francis Ford Coppola, director); The Godfather III 
(1990; Francis Ford Coppola, director); Goodfellas (1990;
Martin Scorsese, director).

Textbooks: Bondanella, Hollywood Italians (Continuum); Puzo,
The Godfather (Signet); Di Donato, Christ in Concrete
(Signet); Tonelli, ed., The Italian-American Reader (Morrow).
Plus reserve materials in the reserve room, the electronic reserve,
and the media reserve of the main library.