French and Italian | Seminar in Italian Literature
M450 | 27775 | Storey, H. Wayne

Topic: Reading Dante. With so many translations of Dante’s Divina
Commedia published and republished every year, is there any
meaning in the original Italian that hasn’t been teased out by poets
in their own right, such as Allen Mandelbaum or Robert Pinsky or
Jean Hollander? Is Dante’s poem only about content that can be
translated? a good story in any language? This course offers the
chance to evaluate “translated Dante” and then go beyond the
translations, which tell the tale of the punishments of hell and the
splendor of heaven, by investigating Dante’s Italian in its
historical richness, syntactic flexibility and provocative
innovation. Through in-depth readings of the Commedia, this
class will examine this cultural icon from the changing points of
view of various periods and national interests and from the
relative “fixity” of Dante’s original text. Readings in Italian and
English. Fulfills A & H requirement.