French and Italian | Seminar in Italian Literature and Culture
M825 | 25801 | Storey, H. Wayne

Topic: Boccaccio

Not your usual course on the Decameron; rather this seminar
will investigate Boccaccio as a literary-historical figure and a
cultural entrepreneur, studying his production and influence from
the point of view of his impact on Italian and European literary
heritage and transmission from the classics, Cavalcanti, Dante and
Petrarch to his own works. Primary to this course will be readings
from several fields, including material philology, concepts of
individual and cultural identity, manuscript studies, literary
fama, and recent bibliography in Boccaccio and Trecento
studies. Topics will include the conceptual and material centrality
of the zibaldone (esp. Plut. XXIX 8) in the development of
Boccaccio’s literary thought, cultural realities of transmission in
Boccaccio’s Naples and Florence, the notion of “influence”, critical
monopolies and the application of Boccaccio medievale,
problematic readings from the Decameron (esp.
Staatsbibliothek Hamilton 90), Italiae iam certus honos (Lat.
3199 and Chigiano L v 176), the Fiammetta, De origine vita,
the Trattatello, the Corbaccio and Boccaccio’s
transcriptions of and introductions to the Commedia
(Riccardiano 1035, Toledano 104.6, and Chigiano L vi 213) and the
Vita Nova< (Chigiano L v 176).