Germanic Languages | Deutsche Literatur: Mittelalter
G403 | 21732 | Rex Sprouse

G403: Deutsche Literatur: Mittelalter
Fall 2005; 3 cr.
14.30-15.45 Mondays and Wednesdays
Instructor: Rex A. Sprouse

Counts toward COAS Distribution Requirement in Literature and the Arts.

Goals of the course:
The major goal of this course is to introduce students to the rich
cultural, historical, literary, and linguistic world of the
German-speaking countries during the Middle Ages. This will be pursued
primarily through careful reading of selections from literary and
cultural texts of the period. A complementary goal of the course is
continuing development of students’ German language proficiency;
hence, the language of instruction will be German.

Course grades:	
Quizzes (2)		20%
Short essays (4)	40%
Class participation	20%
Final examination	20%

Course texts to purchase:
Weddige, Hilkert (1996/2003) Mittelhochdeutsch: Eine Einführung. (5.
Auflage.) Munich: Beck. ISBN: 3-406-45744-4.
Hennig, Beate (2001) Kleines Mittelhochdeutsches Wörterbuch. (4.
Auflage.) Tübingen: Niemeyer. ISBN: 3-484-10696-4.