Germanic Languages | Seminar in German Literature
G825 | 26353 | / 26354 Michel Chaouli

7:15-9:45P / T
Topic: Judgment I: Kant's Kritik der Urteilskraft (Critique of Judgment)

The seminar will aim to gain a thorough understanding of Kant's Kritik
der Urteilskraft (1790) through careful, patient reading of the entire
text. This being one of the most influential texts of aesthetic
theory, the course will also provide an introduction to some of the
main concepts in aestehtics. Readings will be in German (for graduate
students in Germanic Studies) or English, discussion in English.

The seminar will be followed by Judgment II, scheduled to be offered
by Professor Rasch in Spring 2006, which will investigate
twentieth-century philosophical discussions of aesthetic and political
judgment (e.g., texts by Gadamer, Arendt, and Lyotard) that presuppose
knowledge of Kant. Students are very much encouraged to take part in
both seminars, though participation in one is not required for the other.

You may use any critical edition of Kant's texts. The following books
are on order:

Kant, Kritik der Urteilskraft, ed. Klemme (Meiner, 2001), ISBN:
Kant, Prolegomena zu einer jeden künftigen Metaphysik, ed. Malter
(Reclam, 1989), ISBN: 3150024684.
Kant, Critique of the Power of Judgment (Cambridge UP, 2001), ISBN:
Kant, Prolegomena to any Future Metaphysics (Cambridge UP, 1997), ISBN