Germanic Languages | Dutch Reading, Composition, and Conversation I
N403 | 17152 | Esther Ham

1:25-2:15 / MTR
*This section meets with GER-N 200

Prerequisite: N402/N150 or permission of instructor. This course is a
continuation of N402/N150.
There will be a review and continuation of grammar with short weekly
quizzes. Major attention will be paid to improving speaking, reading
and writing skills. As conversation is stressed, class participation
is important. In order to achieve the maximum enthusiasm in the class
discussions, students will be invited to bring up topics of their
interest. There will be short weekly quizzes and several short papers
based on text materials we discuss in class. Each student will be
required to give a presentation in class on a Dutch subject topic to
be selected in consultation with the instructor.
Grading will entail: quizzes, a midterm, a presentation, an oral
examination, a couple of short papers and a final paper.

E.Ham et al., Help! 2 Helpt u mij even? Nederlands Centrum
Buitenlanders, Utrecht, Edition 2001, ISBN 905517131X

William Z. Shetter et al. Dutch: An Essential Grammar (8th edition).
Routledge. ISBN 0415235022

Adriaan van Dis, Familieziek. Augustus, ISBN 9045700417

Any 2-volume dictionaries (English–Dutch and Dutch–English)
Recommended: Kramers English – Dutch 9068822675 or Dutch – English,