Germanic Languages | Topics in Yiddish Culture
Y350 | 26361 | Kerler

CMLT-C 378 / GER-Y 350 / GER-Y 506 Topics in Yiddish Culture (3 cr.)

MW, 4:00 - 5:15

Yiddish in America

This course will focus on history, sociology, and the creative element
of Yiddish in the USA. It will address the burgeoning of modern
Yiddish press, theater, and literature among the first-generation East
European Jewish immigrants to America (since the late 19th century
until the 1960s), its connections with and contribution to modern
Yiddish culture internationally (in particular in Eastern Europe and
Israel), and the role of Yiddish as a component of modern American
Jewish popular culture. The course will also survey the current scene
of Yiddish literary and scholarly endeavors in the USA and look into
the survival of Yiddish as a vibrant language among relatively small
but growing segments of contemporary Hasidic Jews.

All required reading materials will be in English translation, a
number of documentaries and feature films will be shown and discussed
and the students will be encouraged to undertake a few original
research projects.