Gender Studies | Critical Issues in Gender Studies: Gender and Consumer Culture
G498 | 26907 | Wilk

Why do men and women require different kinds of deodorant? Are their
bodies really so different that they require their own formulas? The
consumer culture in which we live is profoundly gendered - we impose
our ideas about gender on it, but it also affects the way we think
about each other and ourselves. Learning to be male or female, in
our culture, means learning to think about and use clothes, food,
cars and a host of other objects in distinctive ways. In this course
we will turn to history to understand how this elaborate process got
started. We will look at other cultures to see different ways to
think about gender and material culture. Finally, we will think
about possibilities for change, for ungendering objects and
transforming our relationships with the things we buy, eat, and wear.