Graduate | Communicatn Skills for Intl Assoc Instructors
G530 | 17183 | , 17184 E. Merceron

“Communication Skills for International Associate Instructors”
prepares international graduate students for the challenges they
face as associate instructors.  It is designed not only for graduate
students who are seeking certification to teach, but also for
students who are currently teaching or planning to teach soon. The
course carries 3 graduate credits and can be counted towards
elective hours.

The course consists of

•        Intensive language and teaching practice based on
characteristic classroom and office hour situations. Students
receive immediate feedback on their language, pronunciation, and
teaching from the instructor and peers during informal
presentations. At the end of each unit, students give formal
presentations, which are videotaped and critiqued by the instructor
and undergraduate observers.

•        Orientation to undergraduate student culture at Indiana
University through prescribed assignments shared with undergraduate

•        Individual or small group tutoring: students meet weekly
with the instructor to work on language, pronunciation or teaching
problems. Students who are currently teaching can request to be
observed by the instructor in their classrooms or labs.

This course is especially recommended for students scoring NC4* or
C3 on the TEPAIC (Test of English Language Proficiency for
International Associate Instructor Candidate). The course can lead
to teaching certification for NC4 students who have not passed the
TEPAIC exam.