Spanish and Portuguese | Modern Catalan Literature
C550 | 26596 | J. Sobrer

Professor Josep Sobrer

C550     Modern Catalan Literature (3 credits) AHLA
TR 9:30am - 10:45am/class# 26596/3cr./Location TBA

Taught in Catalan, this course will survey the panorama of Catalan
literature from the eighteen thirties to the present moment.
Readings will exemplify all important periods (Renaixença,
modernisme, noucentisme, avantguarda, postguerra, postmodernitat).
The instructor will select readings that are enthralling and good
literary fun. The following list, though tentative, might give you
an idea:

"Terra baixa" ("Tierra baja") by Angel GuimerB, a post-romantic play.

"Solitud" ("Soledad") by Víctor CatalB, a feminist novel from
the "Modernista" period.

Essays from the "Glosari"/"Glosario" by Eugeni[o] d’Ors, the guru
of "Noucentisme"

A selection of the most representative poets from the thirties to
the sixties (Salvat-Papasseit, J. V. Foix, Espriu)

Short stories by Pere Calders and MercP Rodoreda

The seminal novel "La plaça del Diamant" ("La plaza del Diamante")
by Rodoreda

Essays by Josep Pla

Further narratives by Montserrat Roig and/or Carme Riera

"Desig", a recent play by Josep Mª Benet i Jornet

"CBmfora", a short novel by Maria Barbal

Poetry by Francesc Parcerisas and Maria MercP Marçal

Students who have not taken Catalan at IU should seek the consent of
the instructor. Three short papers, a midterm and a final will be
assigned for grades. Class participation is essential.

This course is offered jointly with C450.