Spanish and Portuguese | Prose in Portuguese
P476 | 26809 | Professor Darlene Sadlier

P476 Prose in Portuguese  (3 credits)            LITERATURE
NOTE:   This course is a First 8 Week course!   TR 4:00P-6:30P

Prose in Portuguese will give special attention to the novella and
short story from Portugal, Lusophone Africa and Brazil. Authors to
be discussed include Eša de Queiroz, Machado de Assis, J˙lia Lopes
de Almeida, Miguel Torga, Clarice Lispector, Mia Couto and JosÚ
Eduardo Agualusa. Discussions of works will take into consideration
past and recent critical and theoretical commentary on short prose
fiction. The class will meet twice weekly during the first 8 weeks
of the fall semester. Requirements include a short research paper
and a final exam.

HISP-P 476 #26809  4:00P-6:30P TR  Room=TBA     Prof. Darlene Sadlier
(1st 8 Week course)
Above section meets jointly with HISP-P 576.