Spanish and Portuguese | Introduction to Hispanic Pragmatics
S508 | TBA | C. Félix-Brasdefer

Professor César Félix-Brasdefer

S508	Introduction to Hispanic Pragmatics
TR 4:00pm – 5:15pm/class# TBA/3cr./ Location TBA

Pragmatics is broadly defined as the study of language in social
interaction and of the social contexts in which linguistic action
takes place. It examines the intentions of language users and how
discourse is interpreted by hearers. After examining the scope of
pragmatics and a description of basic concepts in the field, the
course will analyze how pragmatics relates to other areas of
linguistics such as semantics and syntax. Following this
introduction, the literature in pragmatic theory will be reviewed
and major topics in pragmatics will be examined, such as speech
acts, deixis, presupposition, and implicature. The last component of
the course examines these concepts at the discourse level including
an analysis of (im)politeness, argumentative discourse, (in)
directness, conversational implicature, mitigation, and recent
developments in cross-cultural pragmatics in different varieties of