Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Literature of the 16th- & 17th-Centuries
S528 | 26602 | S. Wagschal

Professor Steven Wagschal

S528	Spanish Literature of the 16th- & 17th- Centuries
MW 11:15am – 12:30pm/class# 26602/3cr./Location TBA

This graduate survey of early modern prose, poetry and theater,
explores the dynamics of power, gender and genre in selected
canonical texts by Garcilaso, Lope de Rueda, Góngora, Cervantes,
Lope de Vega, Quevedo, María de Zayas, Calderón and others (with the
notable exception of "Don Quixote", due to time constraints).

Requirements: There will be one exam and two papers (one short, one
longer). At least one of the papers will employ methods of textual
analysis known as “close reading.” Students will also give short
presentations on critical articles and/or concepts.  Finally, active
class participation and preparation are important components of the

Note: If you have not yet read "Don Quixote", it would be a good
idea to do so before the semester begins, because it is a major
point of reference in the study of sixteenth- and seventeenth-
century literature. Alternatively, in Fall 2005, you may register
for the advanced undergraduate course S450 “Don Quixote” (however,
you would not receive any graduate credit for an undergraduate

Exam                        	20%
Papers (15%, 25%)           	40%
Class participation         	20%
Oral Presentation(s)        	20%