Honors | Ideas & Experience I
H211 | 17527 | Austin Caswell

MW 2:30-3:45pm

This section is an Intensive Writing course.

In this class we read, talk, and write. We read to understand ideas
that have been influential in Western thought over the past 3000
years; we talk to compare our understanding with those of others in
the class, and we write to apply that understanding to a problem. I
can't predict whether this activity and these texts will have any
cultural significance for you, but the class is challenging and
seldom dull. Here are the texts:
The Bible, Genesis: 1-3; Paul's Letter to the Romans: 1-8 (any
translation); Plato, Republic; (Robin Waterfield edition); Euripides,
Medea and Other Plays; (Vellacott edition); Virgil, Aeneid,
(Fitzgerald edition); Augustine, Confessions, (Pine-Coffin edition);
Dante, Inferno, (Musa edition); Boccacci, Decameron, (Bondanella
edition); Machiavelli, The Portable Machiavelli, (Bondanella
edition);Galileo, Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo, (Drake