Honors | Statistical Techniques
H300 | 26181 | Cynthia Hoffman

Why is statistics taught in the psychology department? All
scientific research proceeds from words (theory, hypothesis) to
numbers (data) to words (reaching a conclusion about a population on
the basis of sample data). The first step in this process (moving
from hypothesis to data collection) is the subject of a course on
research methods. The second step in the process (analyzing data and
reaching a conclusion) is the subject of statistics.

Techniques in Statistics (K300) covers statistical thinking and how
to calculate and interpret descriptive statistics. It also
introduces non-parametric analyses and parametric inferential
statistical tests: single-sample t-tests, independent-sample t-
tests, dependent-sample t-tests, confidence interval tests of
hypotheses, analysis of variance, and correlation. As part of K300
you will compute statistical tests by hand in class, on homework,
and on exams.

The Honors course (H300)will complement the topics covered in K300.
We will meet one hour per week (immediately after K300). The
emphasis will be on connecting techniques learned in class and
applications in the Œreal worldı. You will read summaries of
professional journal articles, discuss the results, and critically
evaluate the authorıs conclusions. You will also complete
assignments in which you are told the hypothesis and design of a
study, and then given the raw data to analyze and present in class
and/or in writing. You will learn to use a powerful statistical
software package(SPSS) to complete these analyses. Your grade will
be based, in large part, on these projects, which will require an
average of two hours per week outside of class. Your grade will also
be based on in-class participation (e.g. attendance will be required
and participation in class will impact your final grade). You will
be asked to complete an advanced version of the K300 end-of-semester
project (because you will have already completed similar work by
that time). There will be a final exam for the course, which will
test your knowledge of concepts introduced in H300.