Honors | Introduction to American Philanthropy (ANTH)
H304 | 28883 | Nadine Pinede

MW 4:00-5:15pm

Philanthropy, which means "the love of humanity," is defined as
private giving for the public good. The United States has a long
tradition of funding religious, cultural, arts, and educational
activities through private giving and non-profit organizations. From
pre-colonial Native American traditions of giving to the role of
foundations in the 2004 Presidential elections, we will discover the
rich history of philanthropy in the United States and examine the
traditions and practices of its diverse ethnic, cultural and
religious communities.  We will explore the "how" and the "why" of
American philanthropy. How does philanthropy influence our daily
life?  Why are we inspired to give to strangers? We will also
reflect on our own experiences with service and voluntary giving to
better understand the values and the challenges of philanthropy.