Honors | Religions of the East
R153 | 27094 | Rebecca Manring

Students in the honors section of R153 will, in addition to the
regular course assignments, write a 5-10 page research paper over
the course of the semester. They will select from a list of topics
(or from their own relevant interest) for the paper, and will have
two opportunities to revise their work before grades are assigned.

Week 3:	Proposal due
Week 5:	Proposed bibliography due
Week 7:	Outline due
Week 8:	Draft of introduction due
Week 10: First draft of paper due
Week 12: Second draft of paper due
Week 14: Final draft due

Rebecca Manring is an assistant professor of religious studies. Her
areas of interest are Asian languages and literature, religions of
South Asia, formation of religious community and iconography.