Honors | Introduction to Ancient Near East
U254 | 26930 | Jamsheed Choksy

MW 2:30-3:45pm

This course introduces students to ancient Near Eastern cultures. The
survey begins with early farming communities of 8000 B.C., at sites
like Fayum, Jericho, Çatal Huyuk, and Jarmo. It then covers the
Bronze and Iron Age kingdoms of the Sumerians, Babylonians,
Assyrians,Israelites, Egyptians, and Iranians, plus the spread of
Hellenism. Emphasis will be placed on agriculture, urbanization,
state formation, dynastic history, social stratification, literacy,
legal and economic issues, and religious developments.
Archaeological and textual information will be utilized in
conjunction with visual aids. No previous knowledge or course
prerequisites are needed.

Course Requirements:
Class attendance (lectures).
Assigned readings.
Occasional participation in discussions.
Undergraduate and graduate students must meet instructor to discuss
Their papers during office hours.
Honors credit for students writing a library research paper

Grading Scheme:
Class attendance(10% of grade)
Participation in class discussions (10% of grade).
Undergraduate students must write two 4-5 page papers (each 40% of
grade), one by mid semester and the other by the end of semester, on
topics that interest them relating to the course.
Graduate Students must write a 10-12 page library-based research
paper(80% of grade) on a topic that interests them relating to the
course. Informed knowledge of materials from the lectures and
readings will be required for the discussions and papers.