Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Health in the Later Years
H617 | 17926 | Lesa Lorenzen-Huber

Course Description (3cr.)

As aging becomes a public health priority, an interdisciplinary
consideration of the health issues of older adults is critical. This
course reviews the biology of aging, new research in aging,
applications of integrative medicine for older adults, health care,
and physical activity and aging.

Course Objectives: Upon the successful completion of the course the
student will be able to:

Describe the basic pharmacology concepts
Have a basic understanding of how medication effects are influenced
by  physiological changes in older adults
Understand dementia, delirium, and Alzheimer’s diseases and
strategies for treating them
Discuss depression of older adults
Identify the importance of assessing mental status in older adults
Understand the causes and treatment for incontinence of older adults
Identify contextual factors and care that are related to nutritional
issues in older  adults
Identify the influences on and impact of falls on older adults
Describe the two types of theories that explain why we age
Describe normal age-related changes in the various organs and systems
of the body
Understand the causes and symptoms of common chronic illnesses in
older adults
Discuss current research in biological aging
Have a greater understanding of the five specific fields of
complementary and alternative health practices as delineated by the
National Institutes of Health (NIH) and how these practices can be
integrated into traditional Western health care.
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