Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Organizational Leadership Development
R100 | 18065 | Rich Mull

This course is designed to be practical in nature allowing students to
study and apply leadership skills through a leadership role as an
executive officer in an organization/club /team. This course offers
students the potential to enhance their personal and professional life
by developing self and group leadership skills.  The studentís
organizational advisor will monitor the tasks and responsibilities,
assess progress, and evaluate the leadership strengths and weaknesses
of each student.  Throughout this course, students will learn to
recognize leadership components and unique skills that effectively
impact desired goals.  The key to this experience is the studentís
willingness to learn and take responsibility for their leadership role
and make a difference by applying leadership skills in their
organizationís productivity.  This syllabus will outline the studentís
responsibilities for the R100 course as it relates to their
experiences (time and effort) as a student leader of a campus student
organization, athletic team, or club.

-	Mull, R.  (1997).  Organizational Leadership Development.
Bloomington, IN:  Mr. Copy.  This is the BLUE BOOK found at Mr. Copy,
501 E. 10th Street (corner of 10th and Dunn).