Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Commercial Recreation and Tourism
R236 | 18072 | Nancy Brunton-Guerard

This course provides an overview and analysis of tourism, travel and
commercial recreation. Objectives include: to recognize the motives
and needs of travelers, understand the structure of the tourism
industry and its interrelated parts, identify the various regulatory
agencies within the industry, become familiar with different marketing
strategies, and give students an overview of career opportunities in
the travel, tourism and commercial recreation industry.

Required Book List:

#1: Crossley, J.C., Jamieson, L.M., and Brayley, R.E. (2001).
Introduction to Commercial Recreation and Tourism, (4th ed.).
Champaign-Urbana, IL: Sagamore Publishing.

#2: Starr, N. (2003). Viewpoint: An introduction to travel, tourism
and hospitality. (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River: NJ: Prentice Hall.

Summary of Assignments:

Students will engage in a variety of forum (opinion) assignments to
explore class topics in an applied setting. In addition, students will
complete case studies to analyze specific aspects of the travel and
tourism industry using a unique example. The class culminates with
student presentations on a unique product or service of their own
creation within the tourism and travel industry addressing how their
product or service meets needs of travelers, its market position in
the industry, legal regulations that may limit or empower the product
or service and the marketing strategies they will employ in selling
their product or service.