Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Wild Flowers and Wild Edibles
R241 | 18075 | K. Price

Description of course content:
This hands-on and interactive course is an introduction to the
identification, cultural, medicinal, edible uses of local plants.

Required Book List:
Peterson, Roger Tory and Margaret McKenny. Peterson Field Guide
Series -Wildflowers. Houghton Mifflin, Co., Boston.   ISBN# 0-395-

Peterson, Lee Allen. Peterson Field Guide -Edible Wild Plants.
Houghton Mifflin, Co., Boston.   ISBN# 0-395-92622-X

Or their equivalent

Summary of Assignments:
1.  Participation with a group and prepare and execute a 20 minute
presentation (50 points).
2. Three multi-disciplined projects (60 points).
3. Midterm “field” exam, location of exam to be announced, no make-
ups (50 points).
4. Final exam is based on all the presentations presented by the
instructor and the students (50 points)
5. Attendance is highly encouraged.  Attendance points are assigned
to each class meeting and field trip.  If you don’t come for
whatever reason, you will receive a zero for the day.  Field trips
will be on either Saturday or Sunday.  Students provide own
transportation.  Field trip dates are September 17, 18 and October
1,9 (70 points).