Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Dynamics of Outdoor Recreation
R271 | 17577 | Gregory Benton

Description of course content:	

This course will provide students with an orientation to the field of
outdoor recreation. The primary goal will be to help students become
aware of the foundations of outdoor recreation, its characteristics,
programs, trends, resources, and sites that offer outdoor pursuits.

Required Book List:

Roger L. Moore and  B. L. Driver. (2005). Introduction to Outdoor
Recreation: Providing and Managing Natural Resource Based
Opportunities. Venture Publishing.

Summary of Assignments:

Midterm Exam		100pts
Final Exam 			100pts
Outdoor Site Analysis		  25pts
Class Activities 		  50pts
Total 				275pts

Site Analysis  Students will choose an outdoor recreation site and
develop a prospectus regarding several variables related to the
management and program implementation of that site. Students will also
lead the rest of the class in a lab at that particular outdoor site.

In-class / Out-of-class Activities  A random series of activities /
papers that will be conducted / assigned during the semester.