Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Recreational Activity and Leadership Methods
R272 | 22119 | Amy Shellman

Description of course content:	This course is designed to provide
students with an opportunity to learn about leadership methods as
applied to the field of recreation. The course focuses on theory,
technique, and application of personal leadership and facilitation
skills in various recreation settings. Students will be introduced to
and given opportunities to apply different leadership styles,
characteristics, and practices including group management and direct
service leadership. Students will have the opportunity to develop and
lead group activities using a recreation activity-programming model.

Required Book List: Leadership in Recreation by Ruth V. Russell, (3rd
edition), McGraw Hill, 2005.

Summary of Assignments:	Students will write a paper reflecting on the
leadership traits of an individual they perceive to be a leader.
Observe and evaluate a recreation program conducted by experienced
leaders/professionals. In teams, students will lead/facilitate a group
activity for the class Student teams will also conduct a special
event/themed activity and create a portfolio containing details of the
event. Journal reflecting on their personal leadership throughout the