Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Customer Service & Media Relations
R326 | 18088 | Jim Parham

Description of Course Content:
Understanding the news media and what they expect from

Course Objectives:
1.	Think critically outside the box without spoon-fed answers
and excuses.
2.	Develop a working knowledge of various media such as
newspapers, radio, and television.
3.	Increase the studentís comfort level in dealing with crisis
management and enhance organizational skills that enable the
practicing professional to deal with the media, community, and
internal audience when problems occur.
4.	Complete practical projects and case studies to feel
comfortable interacting with reporters.

Required Book List:
Winning with the News Media: A Self-Defense When Youíre the Story,
by Clarence Jones, 2001 edition
Writing for Results . . . Keys to Success for the Public Relations
Writer, by Ray Begovich

Summary of Assignments:
Media relations topics will be presented in a seminar format with
numerous in-class writing exercises and on-camera television