Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Leisure in Modern Society
R340 | 18091 | Barbara Hawkins

Description of Course Content:

This course is designed to encourage students to develop a holistic
understanding of the significance of leisure and society.  Our world
is experiencing rapid changes related to leisure in regards to its
meaning, qualities, use, and delivery. These changes will cause
leisure services to either re-invent themselves or perish.  In order
to address these changes, this course will focus on five main
issues; values, demography, environment, economics, and community.

Required Book List:
Text: Godbey,G.(1997). Leisure and Leisure Services in the 21st
Century. State College, PA: Venture
Readings: Supplemental readings dealing with each week’s topic will
be available on electronic reserve referenced “Ramos, R340”. Access
can be made through IUCAT.

Summary of Assignments:
Issue Response Papers(5 @ 20)				 100 points
Case Study Reading Quiz (5 @ 10)   		         50 points
Case Studies(5 @ 60)					 300 points
1.	Individual(10)
2.	Group(50)
Final Exam						  50 points
TOTAL							 500 Points

Class Times : Tues/Thurs 8-9-15am

Location: RB110