Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Wilderness First Responder
R370 | 8037 | David Calvin

The Wilderness First Responder course is the most widely accepted
standard in wilderness medical care for professional outdoor leaders
including mountain and river guides, wilderness trip leaders,
expedition leaders, camp and outing club leaders and rangers; anyone
who is responsible for the safety and care of a group of people in the
backcountry.  The curriculum uses the principles of long-term care,
improvised resources and varying environmental conditions as the
framework for learning.  The course was created to provide outdoor
leaders and adventurers with the knowledge and skills needed to deal
with emergencies in remote settings.  The course takes an in-depth
look at the underlying physiology of common and uncommon emergencies
that might be encountered in the wilderness context.  It goes well
beyond most first aid courses, particularly those that are oriented to
“urban/street medicine.”  The primary components of the course include
personal/group safety & hygiene, backcountry survival, anatomy and
physiology, pathophysiology, patient assessment, documentation, trauma
medical emergencies, environmental emergencies, long-term care,
teamwork, organizing/improvising rescues, decision-making,’
leadership, judgment and prevention.

Teaching and learning processes during this 80 hour course include
lecture and discussion, case studies, practical skill sessions,
scenarios, and rescue simulations.  Both indoor and outdoor classrooms
are used.  This course is based on a community-learning environment,
where everyone participates and takes responsibility for the success
of individuals and the class as a whole.

Thursday afternoons: 2:30-5:15pm, Classroom has yet to be approved
	Friday, September 9, 3:00-6:00pm, CPR
	October 8 and November 5 (Saturday’s), 12:00-6:00pm, scenarios
	December 5 (Saturday) from 10:00am-12:00pm and 5:00-11:00pm, mock rescue

Required Text:  Hubbell, Frank D.O.  Stonehearth Open Learning
Opportunities (SOLO)
Wilderness First Responder (Course Handbook).  Conway, NH: SOLO
Wilderness Medicine, 2000 (Provided by SOLO)

Suggested Text: Tilton, Buck, M.S. Wilderness First Responder, 2nd
Edition.  Old Saybrook, Connecticut: The Globe Pequot Press, 2004.
HPER Library RCC 88.9

Additional Text: National Ski Patrol.  Outdoor Emergency Care, 4th
Edition.  Sudbury, Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett Publishing, 2004.
HPER Library RCC 88.9