Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Interpretation Resources and Techniques
R372 | 18098 | Dr. Cem Basman

This course is designed to introduce student, in a practical manner,
to the fundamental techniques and methods used in heritage
interpretation, and to allow students to explore the tenets and
principles from various fields of study that encompass the body of
knowledge utilized in the interpretation profession.

Each student will have the option of completing the professional
training to become a Certified Interpretive Guide through the National
Association for Interpretation. This program will be imbedded into the
course materials and all students will receive the training. Obtaining
the certification will entail additional fees.

Required Book List:

  Knudson, Douglas M., Ted T. Cable and Larry Beck. Interpretation of
Cultural and Natural Resources. 2nd Edition, State College, PS:
Venture Publishing, Inc., 2003.

   Brochu, Lisa and Tim Merriman*. Personal Interpretation.
Singapore: InterpPress, 2002.

   Tilden, Freeman. Interpreting Our Heritage: Principles and
Practices for Visitor Services in Parks, Museums, and Historic Places.
New York: Van Rees Press, 1957.
[Copies of this book will be placed on reserve at the HPER Library]

  Other readings as assigned or provided

(* Text will be purchased directly from the National Association for
Interpretation, Fort Collins,   Colorado, to limit cost to students.
Details will be provided in class.)

Summary of Assignments:

	Individual Assignments: Six small individual assignments will be
assigned throughout the semester. These assignments will include both
personal and non-personal interpretation activities.
	Group Assignments:  Two group projects will be assigned to the
students in R372  one will entail non-personal and the other personal
type of interpretation.