Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Planning Park and Recreation Facilities
R468 | 18111 | Dr. Cem Basman

The content of the course will be changed from previous years to
reflect the current student population enrolled in this class. Basic
tenets and principles of recreation planning will be explored with an
emphasis on meeting the needs of specific markets and audiences
(visitors, customers, tourists, etc.)  Planning methods for heritage
interpretation will be a focus of this course.

This course is taught in conjunction with R530, a graduate course
relating to the same topical area.

Required Book List:
Abby. Desert Solitaire
Kaplan, Kaplan and Ryan.  With People in Mind –Design and Management
of  Everyday Nature
Brochu. Interpretive Planning

Summary of Assignments:
Students will have an array of small planning/design related
assignments and a final large-scale planning project due at the end of
the semester. Majority of the projects will entail working in small
group settings.

A week long GIS laboratory session will be conducted in November.