Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Theoretical Foundations of Adventure/Experiential Education
R515 | 18118 | Dr. Alan Ewert

This three credit course examines the models, theories, and research
applications utilized in adventure and experiential education. This
course places particular emphasis on developing an understanding of
the salient models and resultant research used in adventure and
experiential education, at both the current and foundational level, as
well as facilitating students’ ability to integrate that knowledge
into the development of “new” models and theories that can be subject
to empirical and qualitative testing.

This course will meet on Thursday evenings, Fall Semester, from 5:45
pm to 8:00 pm. Course format will include lectures, guest speakers,
and an “Experiential Learning Component” (ELC)  which involves an
overnight field trip to an outdoor location.

Literature Used in Course:  	A Readings Packet will be used in this