Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Recreation Resource Administration
R542 | 18123-18124 | Bruce Hronek

Additional Information:  Four field labs will be held on Fridays
5:00p.m. during the months of September and October.  Transportation
fee required.

Description of Course Content:  An interdisciplinary and ecological
approach to understanding basic resource concepts, management
practices, and resource policies for parks, recreation and leisure
services.  Special focus on resource coordination, resource
characteristics, allocation and distribution of natural and man
modified resources, managing recreation ecosystems, landscape
management, user impacts, carrying capacity, and maintenace of
natural diversity.  Field trips provide an opportunity for on-the-
ground examination of resource management problems and techniques.
Readings do not necessarily follow the lecture.  Exam questions will
reflect both the lectures and the text materials.

Required Book List:  Outdoor Recreation in America, Clayne Jensen,
5th Edition, Human Kinetics, Champaign, IL  61825-5076, 1995

Summary of Assignments:  Students are expected to participate in
class discussion.  Grading will be based upon a semester paper, three
examinations (including the final), and extra credit assignments.
Particulary import to a successful class experience is attendance.
Grades will be significantly reduced by lact of attendance and