Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Higher Education in Rec, Park and Leisure Services
R702 | 26095 | Joel Meier

Description of Course Content:  This seminar is designed to identify,
investigate, and discuss current trends and issues affecting higher
education in recreation, parks, and the leisure services.  This course
is restricted to doctoral students majoring or minoring in the
Department of Recreation and Park Administration.

Required Book List:  Hawkins, Barbara, Editor, Historical Perspective
on the Development of the NRPA/AALR Council on Accreditation, First
Edition, National Recreation and Park Association, Publications
Center, Ashburn, VA.  Other readings will be assigned throughout the

Summary of Assignments:  Class meetings will consist of presentations
by the instructor, guest lecturers, and members of the class on
subjects in the topical outline as well as other selected issues and
trends.  Students may be asked to research topics and prepare brief
papers demonstrating critical thinking about the topics each week.
These will be submitted to the instructors and may also take the form
of oral presentations to the class.  Each member of the class will be
expected to read the current issue of the Chronicle of Higher
Education to identify current issues/trends in higher education.  Each
student will bring to the class one item of particular interest for
discussion.  A student will be designated to lead the discussion in
each class.  The first few minutes of the class period will be devoted
to these items.  Each student will prepare a final comprehensive paper
on one of the topics listed in the outline or some closely related
topic to be approved by the instructor.  These papers will be
presented to the class by the student and copies of the papers should
be distributed the class period prior to the presentation.