Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Introduction to Resource Development/Fundraising
T101 | 18177 | Peg Stice

HPER T101 is an introductory class to resource
development/fundraising. Students will explore the important role
philanthropy plays in our society and will examine various    types of
fundraising which, combined, make for a successful development
program.  Guest speakers, current events and the use of resources and
practical examples from local, regional and national organizations
will add context and relevance to coursework. Discussions and projects
will tap students’ interests, volunteer work, and career goals.

Required Text: Conducting a Successful Fundraising Program, Dove, Kent
E., Jossey-Bass, 2001, ISBN 0-7879-5352-0. A copy of the text is on
reserve in the HPER Library. You may also schedule time to use a copy
in the instructor’s office. Any additional readings and short
assignments will be distributed in class, posted electronically and/or
placed in the HPER Library.