History and Philosophy Of Science | Evolution, Religion and Society
E104 | 26027 | Sandy Gliboff

This Topics course will provide historical and philosophical
perspectives on the frequent tensions and conflicts between Biblical
or other traditional accounts of our ultimate origins, and accounts
offered by modern science.  We will begin with the origins of the
problem in Charles Darwinís nineteenth-century Britain, then proceed
to analyze Darwinís proposed solution and the subsequent evolution
of the evolution-creation debate in the United States.  We will
examine the arguments for and against various forms of creationism,
intelligent design theory, and Darwinian evolution, as well as the
historical contexts in which these arguments have (or have not) been
convincing.  We conclude with an overview of current strategies for
influencing legal- and public opinion and for asserting control of
science curricula.
The class will meet twice per week for lecture and once for
discussion.  Students will be expected to attend all the classes, to
read all the assigned materials thoroughly before the first class
meeting of the week, and to be prepared with questions or comments
about them at the Friday discussion sections.  Grades will be based
on participation in the discussion sections, a number of short
unannounced quizzes, two preliminary exams, and a final.
Quizzes:		15% of the grade
Preliminary exams:	15% (each)
Final exam:		25%
Section participation:	30%
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