International Studies | Culture & the Arts: International Perspectives
I201 | 26716 | Tuohy, S.

As an introduction to the Culture and the Arts concentration
in International Studies, the course is designed to provide a
framework students can use when pursuing further coursework in the
major. Rather than survey the various arts as practiced throughout
the world, the course will engage the issues central to the
concentration, including theories of art, culture, globalization,
and identity.  It will introduce the theoretical concept of the arts
as forms of cultural expression and of representation; and we will
examine the role of the arts in the formation and transformation of
	The class will focus on the movement of the arts and culture-
-through the movement of people and forms of mass mediation--and
their sites of interaction.  We will explore mechanisms, sites, and
institutions through which the arts and culture are disseminated
globally. These concepts will be developed within particular case
studies through readings as well as presentations by guest speakers.
Approaches to understanding--and research methods for studying--
culture and the arts cross-culturally and internationally will be
taught. A substantial portion of the course will be conducted in a
seminar format that will allow ample opportunity for class
discussion of the materials.
	Class materials will consist of textbooks, articles
available through e-reserves, selected videos, and internet
resources.  The final grade will be based on a combination of
written assignments and class preparation/participation. Assignments
tentatively include: 5-6 short written assignments (including 2
descriptive-analytic papers), a midterm essay exam, and an
individual research project. Written guidelines for these
assignments will be discussed in class. Students with interests in
particular topics will find opportunities to pursue them in the
research assignments.