International Studies | International Studies Capstone Seminar
I400 | 22327 | Knudsen, D.

Note: E-mail for authorization

Working independently under the direction of faculty mentors,
students in this seminar develop capstone projects that integrate
their thematic and regional concentration coursework and
international experience in an original research paper, fieldwork,
internship or performance, as appropriate. Students come together in
the seminar, which is conducted by the Director of the International
Studies major, Professor Knudsen, to present their final projects to
the class. The seminar format provides opportunities for peer input
and critique of projects and wider sharing of content.
To be authorized to register for INTL I400: The Senior Capstone
Seminar, students must have already developed tentative ideas for a
final project with the help of Professor Knudsen, and also must have
secured the cooperation of an affiliated faculty member for
mentorship (See form). The grade in this course will be assigned by
Professor Knudsen. (Note: Honors Track students must have their
honors applications on file in the International Studies office to
be authorized. They must also register for the honors section of
The earlier the student arranges the meeting (and any necessary
follow-ups) with Professor Knudsen in the semester before the one in
which the student intends to take the course, the better. If a
student is planning to study overseas or to be off campus during the
first semester of the senior year, that student must make sure to
arrange to be authorized for the tutorial the semester before he or
she is to be away.