Latino Studies | Seminar in Latino Studies: Migration from the Caribbean and Mexico
L396 | L526 | 22891 John Nieto-Phillips

This course compares and contrasts trends in United States
Immigration from Hispanic Caribbean and Mexico between the 1840s
through the 1990s.  We will explore the social, political and
economic factors that prompted immigration, and we will study the
life choices figured into it.  In particular, we will probe and
discuss the forces that shaped immigrants' lives, both in their
native lands and in the United States.  Emphasis will be given to
Cuban, Dominican, Mexican, and Puerto Rican communities in the
United States and their political and cultural expression.MW 9:30-
10:45 a.m. Classroom TBA Meets with History A300 and LTAM L526
(3cr) (Carries S&H and Culture Studies Credit)